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THE Bootcamp Tulsa PUMPKIN WORKOUT is here!


When you think of Halloween or the fall season you have to think of pumpkins.

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread and even pumpkin latte’s!

How about “The Pumpkin Workout!” That’s right now you can lose weight and get fit with some full body exercises using just a pumpkin.

Each year in Tulsa we host “The Pumpkin Workout” out at all of our Saturday Bootcamp Tulsa locations.

All you need to do is bring a pumpkin!!

It’s a great time and always alot of fun as we enjoy to show people that it doesn’t take much to get fit and reach your weight loss goals.

This year we will be hosting THE PUMPKIN WORKOUT on Saturday Oct. 26th at our Saturday Bootcamps.


WHAT? THE PUMPKIN WORKOUT – Just bring a PUMPKIN and family and friends!
WHEN? Saturday October 26th
WHERE? Broken Arrow BcT at 8am and at 9am at South Tulsa
WHY? To have FUN and do our part to EMPOWER Tulsan’s in FITNESS, NUTRITION and LIFE
WHO? ANYONE AND EVERYBODY! ALL bootcamp Tulsa Ladies, your families, friends, husbands, kids, co workers, and even the people you don’t like that need to get in shape.
ADMISSION ? FREE EVENT. EVERYONE MUST BRING A PUMPKIN of desired size, shape and weight to workout with.


Check out myself and one of our very own BcT Rockstar’s on FOX23 last week rocking out The Pumpkin Workout:


You wil have fun and learn some of the most effective fat burning exercise routines using just your bodyweight and a pumpkin.

I also put together a little gift for you…

Now you can do our famous pumpkin workout right in your own home anytime anywhere.

I created something really special for you…

The Pumpkin Workout!!! That’s right, a FREE 14 page report with a bunch of exercise routines so that you can get fit anywhere anytime.

No fancy equipment is needed…all you need is a pumpkin! They come in all different weights and sizes and are less expensive than any fitness equipment. This time of the year a pumpkin could be a fun tool to use for exercising with the entire family.

Best of all, when you are done working out with the pumpkin you can then use it to make some really yummy treats!


Get your 14 page FREE report now, The Pumpkin Workout and be sure to share this with someone during the holiday season.

You can get your free report over at my blog:  THE PUMPKIN WORKOUT

Have Fun and Get Fit with a Pumpkin!

We will see you on October 26th !


Who Loves Ya?


Coach JC

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Are you a 3% er?











If you are  part of the Bootcamp Tulsa family then you are a 3% er.

Being a 3 % er is not given but rather earned.

You cant buy it.

You cant borrow it.

Many people wish and hope to have the body they desire…

Many people wish and hope to have more of something in life…

Many people hope and wish to be a 3 % er!

Becoming a 3% is a choice!

It’s a decision!

It’s a mindset.

At BcT being a 3% er is a movement of like minded ladies with one goal in mind and that is to WIN.

You are a 3% er

and  you are because….

I don’t just wish and hope for change but I take action and go get it.

I am a 3% er because I have taken power over my body and mind and am determined to live life to the fullest.

Because I am determined to fight against the norm and what society tells me I can have.

Because on a daily basis I aggressively pursue the body I deserve, and the life I was born to live.

I do realize that being a 3% is not the norm and that I am a minority .
Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed women to change Tulsa and the norm.


I am a 3 % er! I am Bootcamp Tulsa!

If you have earned the 3% er BcT T-shirt then you can with pride confess the following 10 Characteristics of a Bct 3 %:
1. I WILL accept NO Excuses.
2. I WILL set goals and continue to chase these goals until reached.
3. I WILL use past failures to create future successes.
4. I WILL surround myself with like minded ladies that are driven to get results.
5. I show up to my designated BcT training sessions even when I don’t feel like it.
6. I follow and execute the BcT Nutrition 101 and 10 Habits.
7. I dont take no for an answer and OVERCOME the challenges in my life
8. I am determined, driven and focused on living a healthy life
9. I WILL never quit!
10. I am NOT complacent and NEVER satisfied to be part of the mediocre in society.

I am a 3%! I am Bootcamp Tulsa!

I want you to understand that 97% of the women in America today will never get the results that they desire and deserve because they only hope and wish and will not take action. They allow obstacles and problems to stop them, they continue to look for ways to make excuses to not get what they deserve.
You are a 3 % er because other fitness programs and gyms in Tulsa  try to resemble what you do.
You are a 3% because other ladies in Tulsa want what you want.
You are a 3% because you SET THE STANDARD HIGHER and MAKE THE SACRIFICES To get what you want.
YOU are a 3% because you are BOOTCAMP TULSA!
YOU ARE a 3 % er!
Dedicated To Changing Lives…One Woman at a Time!
Coach JC & YOUR BcT Family
PS. As Always we love to hear from you. Feel free to make a comment right here on the blog on why you are a 3% er.
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Hey my friend,

I hope this email finds you well and that you are cranking out April so that you can be SWIMSUIT READY!

If you are part of the BcT family (and some of you have now been for over 4 years), your seen as a lady who is SERIOUS about your HEALTH and FITNESS.

You are part of Tulsa’s #1 Women’s ONLY Fitness Program and part of the BcT FAMILY.

Someone asked me last week how we have built such a STRONG, TIGHT FAMILY…

ONE word is ALL it took from me….TRUST!

When I started BcT in 2008 my goal was not only to help you physically but to build a community of like minded individuals that want to WIN in LIFE.

TO TRANSFORM lives for good!

Myself including my coaches understand the value of TRUST and value the relationships within our family.

As the Creator and Leader of Bootcamp Tulsa I also feel that one of my responsibilities is to be THE BODYGUARD.



Now I don’t mean I’m going to start taking Kung Fu or breaking out the Chuck Norris moves for Coach Jaime.

I mean I must simply PROTECT our Family.

What does this mean?

This means making sure that the family is taking care of and protected. This is part of who I am and maybe it stems back to my days in Jersey as a young Italian boy.

The one thing I learned is that you ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR FAMILY!

I recieve calls every week with the latest and greatest gadget, pill, supplement, etc…

Think about it…

I RARELY promote other people’s products and services. They must be really, really good and most of the time be a part of our BcT family.

And besides being good – I must trust the person selling the product or service.

Is there heart there…in the right place?

Are they just going to harass and bombard our family members with useless stuff, garbage products, and watered down services just to make money?

Are they going to make YOU(THE BcT FAMILY) look good for us endorsing them and recommending them?

I can tell you that I have pissed off many potential clients and some trials because I just didn’t think our FAMILY (The BcT program) was a right fit for them – Not because we couldn’t help TRANSFORM their life but… Plain and simple, they were wanting to be in the family for the wrong reasons.

While I’m ALWAYS looking to TRANSFORM lives I am also constantly building my business(our FAMILY) I am still protecting you!

I’ll admit I’ve lost thousands of dollars over the last few years by being a BODYGUARD.

I refused to play the game that so many times is played within the fitness industry. I refused to promote and sell product after product and service after service… And because of that, I didn’t always get the support from some local companies who may even have had a good following.

THAT’S MY RESPONSIBILITY… distancing myself from the nonsense and looking out for you, our clients, THE BcT FAMILY! – It has actually served my business and our BcT Family better. Want proof?

Ok, now don’t get me wrong, I’am ALL about WIN-WIN Relationships, networking and cross promoting. If you know me, you know that to be true.

I know for a fact many of the local “gurus” in fitness and weight loss are now struggling big-time…even laying off staff and closing their doors.

And I believe it’s DIRECTLY related to NOT protecting their family.

They blew the trust.

They became too hypey when it wasn’t even necessary. They sold terrible products because the market was “hot”. They promoted a product or service that was garbage and wouldn’t even benefit their clients only because of a good commission or payday.


They lost trust with their clients and I continue to see them come back for more and continue to use these shady tactics to make money.

They hired on watered down trainers, with no experience just to grow fast. They sold out!


We run our FAMILY the right way and we WILL continue to PROTECT you as a part of our FAMILY.

You know when we promote something within our family that it is ONLY the BEST!

You know the coaches that we promote and stay within the family are ONLY the BEST!

Over the years I have had to say “NO” many times, I have had to say “goodbye” to individuals on many occasions, and not once regretted it because I knew it was BEST for the FAMILY!


Trust is everything and as I was taught at a very young age back in Jersey, there’s no better way to build trust then by showing people you’ve got their back.

My Bootcamp Tulsa Family members know I’ll do anything to help them and protect them.

Many of you that are a part of the family I know share the same feeling and do your part to protect the family. (Some of you are the real deal and I would hire you as my bodyguard!!)

I am confidence in who we are and what we stand for as a BcT Family and we WILL continue to do it the right way – just have faith and know that myself, my coaches and your fellow BcT family members have got your back.

I want to say THANK YOU for TRUSTING in us and being a part of the FAMILY.

We value YOU as a part of the Bootcamp Tulsa Family!

Who Loves Ya?

I Do!

PS. I also posted this same email on the Bootcamp Tulsa Blog and I would love to hear your feedback. Get over there now and speak your mind.

Coach JC


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Where do……. Snacks….. come from?

Obviously this is not about babies (remember that book? – so embarrassing to read with the parent’s); this post is about providing some helpful hints regarding snacks.

I refer to it as a snack only because it is not breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

In reality it’s a meal and in my mind, the most difficult to plan and decipher but also the most important.  These in-between meals will save your day time and again if you make the effort to prepare them properly.

Most likely these “snacks” are your 2nd, 4th, and (possibly) 6th meal of the day if you are following BCT’s Nutrition 101.  Therefore, these are likely non carbohydrate meals (unless it’s post workout) that should follow all of the 10 habits.

Here are 5 of tips that I find extremely helpful for all meals but especially at those in-between meal times.

1. One of the best tips I can share is that you should not be consuming much food that resides in the pantry.  I find this the most difficult to stick to at snack time.  But really most lean protein, veggies, and fruit will do best in the fridge – especially if you have planned and prepared.   So stay out of the pantry, and by default the Cheez-Its.

2. Create a snack bin specifically for your needs.  Divide fruits and vegetables, as well as almonds, etc. into snack sized baggies and place them in their own container in the fridge.  You can grab a baggie or two for the road to stave off hunger until you can sit down for your next meal.

3. I purchase almonds, granola, and protein mix in bulk then divide into serving sizes (snack sized baggies) and keep in a specific cabinet – not the pantry where those pesky Cheez-Its reside (kids love them, what can I say).   I have found that it is best to do this the minute you return from the grocery store.  Once they make it into the cabinet, or the formidable pantry, it’s much less likely that you will ever get them into the proper sizes and before you know it you’re in the Chik Fil A drive thru.

4. Speaking of which…  I never, and I mean NEVER, leave the house without a snack and water bottle in hand.  Not necessarily to eat right then, but in case I am delayed and get hungry.  I do not want to be tempted to stop at Chik Fil A.  I love ChikFilA, but healthy options are limited and it’s best not to be tempted.  I also keep a zip lock bag full of almonds in my glove box in case of emergency.  Eliminate the risk of temptation by being prepared.

5. If at all possible, sit down and eat your snack from a plate at the table.  This action makes it seem more purposeful, and it also helps me remember when I last ate i.e. BCT Nutrition 101.  The vast majority of the time, vegetables should consume the most space on your plate.  My favorite snack is a plate of vegetables and a hardboiled egg.  It’s low maintenance, portable, and simple to prepare in advance.  You could easily add a few almonds for a bit of healthy fat.


Stay out of the pantry, invest in snack sized zip lock bags and use them to control portions as well keep your fruits and veggies fresh.

Do not leave the house without a snack and a bottle of water, and when possible eat your snack on a plate at the table.

There you have it!

We would love to hear from you…

What are your favorite healthy snacks and how do you prepare?

Just leave a comment right here on the blog my friend.

Dedicated To a Healthier and Happier You!


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Ok BcTer!

Welcome to the newest addition of our blog…

Nutrition Tips For You…By You!

Thats right!

Now is your time to be a guest blogger on our blog. If  you have some creative, simple ways that you have utilized the BcT Nutrition 101 in your life and you feel it can help other BcT Ladies then NOW IS YOUR TIME!

We have asked one of our very own Bootcampers to take this part of the blog and run with it.

Why? Because over the last 3 years she has transformed her life through BcT and had mastered making The BcT nutrition part of her lifestyle.

This BcT Rockstar has taken what we have taught her and has ran with it to a BIG TIME level. This lady has be a student of her own body and a student as we coached her to success when it comes to her nutrition.

This lady is a Rockstar when it comes to her nutrition and we thought it would be great for you to hear from one of our very own…

A lady just like you, a mother just like you, a BcTer just like you!

We want to encourage you to ask questions and start to make this part of the blog interactive so that you can help each other live a Healthier, Happier Life!

So without further ado…

Let us introduce you to the one and only, Ms. Samantha Driskill with her first blog post just for you…

Feed Your Mind, Fuel Your Body

Let me begin by saying thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet!

There are truly endless places to go and it makes me smile to think that someone – hopefully you – finds this space worthy of your time.

The goal here is to provide truly useful, practical information to help you reach your nutrition related goals -whatever they may be – in the most concise, applicable way possible.

First of all, I’m not a nutrition fanatic.  Some of my friends might disagree, but my personal opinion is that it’s rather difficult to be a nutrition fanatic when you are also a bit of a margarita fanatic as well.

I love good food, but more importantly I LOVE GOOD FOOD THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU (margaritas not included).

For the record, my definition of good food is as follows:  It tastes good, looks good, makes me feel good, and is healthy.

I prefer to eat very little processed food, so if it comes in a bag, box, or jar (with exceptions such as almond flour, coconut oil, etc) I like to keep the consumption to a minimum.  I’m sorry to say that tortilla chips (gluten free of course) are a personal weakness.

Chips and salsa just GO with margaritas…..

One thing I love more than good food is knowledge, and it is really my love for knowledge and reading that lead me down this path – much more so than a desire to lose weight and get healthy – although those are tremendous side effects.

I will spare you all the gory details until a later post, but my desire to eat better (cleaner) began with a book about the food industry.  Since then I have discovered a way of fueling my body that makes me feel good.

Quite frankly it makes me feel purposeful, and I think everyone can benefit from having purpose in their life.

More importantly, I think your health should be purposeful and therefore what you consume must have purpose.

  • If you are looking for a place to find healthy, nutritious, soul feeding advice about how to prepare and organize meals look no further, it’s right here.
  • We will talk about meal planning, grocery shopping, storing, and packaging all kinds of foods; as well as provide tips and tricks to help create more nutritious meals out of your existing recipes.
  • On this blog you not likely find information about how to count calories, fat grams, or any other algebraic equations for that matter.  (I’m terrible at math and it’s impossible to actually enjoy your food if you are calculating every bite.) This is why I LOVE The BcT 10 Habits!
  • Good food is not only good for the body, but good for the soul.
  • We have to break the habits that convenience has created for us so that we can truly become the healthy, active people we were designed to be.  This blog is an attempt to help you do just that.

So until next time, chew on the idea that food intake should be purposeful, not mindless or habitual.

Think about and write down when you eat with purpose and intention and when you eat out of habit or emotion.

As I said we are not going to count calories here, but we are going to discuss proper portion sizes and when and why we eat greatly impacts the amount of food we consume.

Dedicated To a Healthier & Happier You

- Samantha

Information and statements on this site are not intended to replace the advice of your treating doctor. The BootcampTulsa Blog does not dispense medical advice or prescribe, treat or diagnose disease. The only claims we make are that our products and services will enhance, promote, protect and preserve the health of  your body.  The views and nutritional advice expressed by Bootcamp Tulsa are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or disease, consult a qualified medical practitioner. All health products should be used under the supervision of your individual health care provider.


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As of  Friday Sept. 7th…


1. Donna Kashwer – BA

2. Maggie Lavalleur- South Tulsa

3. Casey McCarthy- South Tulsa

4. Cj Cisneros -Jenks

5. Lydia Thomas -Jenks
6. Bobbi Miller – 9am South Tulsa
7. Christine Taylor – Midtown

8. Whitney Ellsworth – Midtown
9. Jessica Cooley – Midtown

10. Tawnya Templeton – BA /Joanne McIntrye – BA / Amy Paschal – Jenks T, Th


Just a reminder of what is on the line…

Check out the updated PRIZE PACKAGES

There will be 5 official winners:
First Place: 1 full FREE year of Bootcamp Tulsa( Value = $2,025.00)

Second Place: 6 months FREE of Bootcamp Tulsa (Value = $1,002.00) + A 60 Min. Full Body Massage by The One and ONLY, Brenda Pritchard of Natural Connections

Third Place: 3 month Free of Bootcamp Tulsa ( Value = $501.00) + Your Very Own Copy of Coach JC’s Life Changing Book, The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success + Your Very Own BcT Branded Warm Up Suit

Fourth Place: 1 Month FREE of Bootcamp Tulsa ($167.00) + Your Very Own BcT Warm -up Jacket

Fifth Place: 1 Month FREE of Bootcamp Tulsa ( $167.00) + Your Very Own Copy of Coach JC’s Much Requested Success Book, The Secret To REAL SUCCESS, How To Have Anything You Want In Only 27 Days.



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Don’t Miss This SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from Coach JC….

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As of Tues. Sept. 4th…


1. Casey McCarthy – South Tulsa

2. Maggie Lavalleur- South Tulsa

3. Donna Kashwer- BA

4. Cj Cisneros -Jenks

5. Lydia Thomas -Jenks
6. Bobbi Miller – 9am South Tulsa
7. Christine Taylor – Midtown

8. Whitney Ellsworth – Midtown
9. Jessica Cooley – Midtown

10. Melanie Smith – BA


Just a reminder of what is on the line…

There will be 5 official winners:
First Place: 1 full FREE year of Bootcamp Tulsa( Value = $2,025.00)
Second Place: 6 months FREE of Bootcamp Tulsa (Value = $1,002.00)
Third Place: 3 month Free of Bootcamp Tulsa ( Value = $501.00)
Fourth Place: TBA( something cool)
Fifth Place: TBA( something cool)

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FOR THE FIRST 25 BcT Ladies are FREE!

Thats RIGHT!

Coach JC worked a deal with Russell over at Warrior Pain & Prevention to hook you up.

What does Warrior Pain & Injury Prevention do?

“We believe that holistic healing, along with proper nutrition and body maintenance, can cure or prevent the majority of both acute and chronic disorders that people face today.

The philosophy is simple: our bodies were designed to work. The lifestyle many of us live, athletes in particular, cause the healing processes to be diminished or even halted completely. I perform an entirely unique form of manual soft tissue manipulation that specifically targets damaged tissues, even avascular tissue, which sparks an increase in healthy circulation.  This allows the tissue to be rid of detriment (ex. scar tissue, calcium build up). With harmful elements eliminated, and healthy blood flow restored, the body is capable of self-healing. This form of therapy has been been proven to rapidly decrease injury recovery time, and is a highly effective surgery-prevention method.”
Who Is Warrior Pain & Prevention?
Russell Akard, Pain and Injury Correction Specialist, and Founder of Warrior Pain and Injury Correction. Russell is a Native Oklahoman, born and raised in Southeastern Oklahoma.  He graduated from Oklahoma University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis on Pre-Medicine.

“After my first bout with cancer, in 2009, I moved to Southern California to pursue training for work with my passion and calling in healing.  After nearly a year of intense training, and completion of chemotherapy due to a recurrence of cancer, I began to put my training into practice. And I LOVE WHAT I DO!”
With the struggles I have had, health and fitness have become a vital aspect of my daily life.  My mission has become to boldly pursue healing and wellness in order to not only extend the length of careers for professional athletes, but also the quality of life for every person that I can.
I am blessed to have the full support of my wife, Hannah, and our two sons, Benjamin and Justice.  My family fuels my pursuit. They are not merely my motivation, but the contents of my heart that give me the strength to dedicate myself to the calling of healing.

Who can Warrior Pain & Prevention help?
This form of therapy is perfect for, but not limited to:
Prehab/Rehab/Active Recovery
1.) Increased circulation
2.) Increased Range of Motion
3.) Reduction in Micro-tears
4.) Injury Prevention
5.) Removal of Lactic acid (less muscle soreness)
6.) More Rapid Muscle Regeneration
7.) Dramatically reduced Post-surgery recovery time.

Pain Correction
1.) Arthritis (Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis)
2.) Neuropathy/Neuralgia
3.) Fibromyalgia
4.) Chronic or Acute joint pain
.) Chronic or Acute Back Pain
6.) Chronic or Acute Neck Pain
7.) Muscle Cramps/Soreness
8.) Sciatica

Injury Correction
1.) Sprains
2.) Strains
3.) Muscle Tears
4.) Connective Tissue Tears (ex. SLAP tears, Rotator Cuff, ACL, MCL, Achilles, etc.)
5.) Whiplash
6.) Plantar Fasciitis
7.) Shin Splints
8.) Osgood-Schlatter
10.) Dislocations
11.) Runner’s Knee

Surgery Prevention
1.) Healed Scar Tissue 2.) Dispersed Calcium Deposits 3.) Connective tissue Tears (ex. SLAP, Rotator Cuff, ACL, MCL, Achilles, etc.) 4.) Prevention of Tommy John surgery 5.) Bulging Discs 6.) Carpel Tunnel prevention

If you are interested in getting treatment make sure to call Russell at Warrior Pain & Prevention TODAY and make sure to tell him that you are a part of the BcT family to get your first treatment absolutely FREE!

Contact Info:

P: (918)289-1139

Remember, ONLY the first 25 ladies get their first treatment for FREE!


The BcT Team

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2012 Change A Life Challenge

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Tomorrow is the kick off to the 2012 Change a Life Challenge.

Results that have seemed impossible to you over the years come true at Bootcamp Tulsa.

Check out how much the BcT ladies care to Change Lives…

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